Mission of our company is to create new quality of life of our clients.

Being leader in dancing culture of our town we support harmonious development of personality of our clients. We offer an opportunity to express yourself, to make your dreams come true, to live in harmony and be healthy. Through dancing you acquire self-confidence, liberate yourself, you make a difference to your life; it becomes bright, fantastic and successful.

The fundamentals of our success are professional trainers, the wide range of dancing styles we're teaching to, competent and rigorous training programme, warm and relaxed atmosphere, opportunity to appear on stage and the last but not the least to gain experience and skills in dancing.

We create new quality of life for our employees, by giving an opportunity to express themselves, providing them with career development options, creating conditions for their growth in prosperity and psychic income from the work.

We perform the important function for community. Opening the world of dance for everyone we support our clients in their creative development as well as community in general. We offer our clients an opportunity to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings in perfect, simple and elegant way.

Working closely with our partners, we expand our capabilities, what supports our growth.

Academy of Free Dance

We are leaders in dancing culture of Yaroslavl. Quantity of clients, variety of dancing styles, professional trainers and high level service prove that.

We are school where dancing is being taught! We are the world where dance is communication. We dream to get it done!

Values of АFD

  • Ambitions
    We are self-confident and ready to overcome difficulties to solve the most complicated issues. This confidence is based on our capabilities and real results, which allow us to make serious commitments, stay responsible for results and always be winners. Our employees help us to achieve goals by their abilities, knowledge and skills. We are capable of making your dreams come true.
  • Innovation
    We are always searching for new dancing styles to achieve better results. We invest in studying modern dancing trends and styles, for the first time, to offer them to our clients. We create and implement new ideas which change the world and make it better place. We astonish, support and propose.
  • Responsibility
    We are consistent in achieving our goals and meeting our commitments, while we conform with principles and standards of professional ethics. We offer solutions, which make a difference to our clients. Achievements and results are basis of our leadership.