"Go-Go is more than just dancing", this idea underlay Go-Go school.

In the very school we are teaching dancing actors, who come on stage to dance, to enact music and create cheerful mood! As a matter of fact these are what every art director wants, and moreover this is why we prefer one or another club to go to.

We train professionals who entertain in Yaroslavl's clubs, on exhibitions and corporate events. You could find pictures of our dancers in photo gallery.

We are working special for you, dancing for you would be delighted and we are looking towards our cooperation.

По вопросам сотрудничества обращайтесь:

  • Директор "Академии свободного танца"
    Владимир Горохов
    тел.: +7 916 545 2513
  • Специалист по развитию бизнеса и рекламе
    Академия свободного танца
    Татьяна Мормина
    тел.: +7 920 120 76 86