TA-project was created in 2007.

The dancers of "Trans Art" Irina Enina and Sergey Barashkov became choreographers and encouragers of the project. Due to their irrepressible energy, their willingness to go forward and their aspiration to seek, create and perform, lots of new dance performances came into being, which formed the basis of TA-project's repertoire.

TA-project is working in number of clubs of Yarosalvl and the region, we dance on exhibitions and corporate events.

We perform for you. We dance to fill you with admiration. We would be glad to our prospective cooperation.


TA-project's repertoire consists of 2 blocks: performances designed for clubs and ones taken from big stage.

Performances for clubs combine such styles as ragga, hip-hop, house, break-dance and many others. They must be reflect all human moods: passion, love, happiness, sorrow, exaltation and others.

There should be a special remark about the performances for big stage taken from Trans Art repertoire, among them there are Tango, Women's tango, Hoy, Reflection... These performances are fabulous, beautiful and graceful; they're perfectly suitable for night clubs and corporate events.

По вопросам сотрудничества обращайтесь:

  • Директор "Академии свободного танца"
    Владимир Горохов
    тел.: +7 916 545 2513
  • Специалист по развитию бизнеса и рекламе
    Академия свободного танца
    Татьяна Мормина
    тел.: +7 920 120 76 86
  • Ирина Енина
    Руководитель коллектива