Preparation to the competition Yaroslavl beauty.
Extreme necessity for a dance group to perform, completion of SHOW including fine participants and perfect organization demanded something unusual, something bright and the most important thing- to do it with own hands.

So, we’ve got the name – "shaping show group".
Who? The staff is an impressive show, with sparkling eyes and full of energy, wishing to do all possible and impossible, do something different from all they have seen before.
The name of the performance is the most interesting and exciting thing in all this.
There was a competition to choose the performance name which was afterwards called "Shadows".
There was one more competition announced by Shaping Federation – a competition in best Broadway traditions (advertising, experience, 50 participants…)

And here is the result: 8 participants, strange performance, top-class costumes and "tattoo" in "from dusk till dawn" style.
From this very moment, from this first performance we had an idea of creating a dance company, with inner challenge "the new in the city".

Wishing to create something unique, bright, and different from all at that moment.


"Tretiy" is a performance with some sense which we understood 1,5 years later after its creating.
This performance let the young company take part in the competition, let it work on one stage with “monsters” of contemporary dance in Yaroslavl…
But it was a success. WE were noticed, we got GRAND PRIX and we became stronger because we believed in ourselves and each other.

The age of "Depeche mode", "in your room".
There are 28 men on the stage, line synchronism, strong joint work, the finale in Maurice Béjart style, first comments in press and invitation to take part in the International Festival.
This program included the performance with a strange name "Chetvert". The performance with 4 magnificent dancing girls looked great both on a big stage and in club programs. It’s a very hard performance with complicated music. These 4 girls took a challenge and did a lot for this dance fragment to exist.

The company had grown through those years, new people came, and there were foreigners (Larly Piccoly, a Brazil girl who left part of her soul in "TRANS ART", a dancer we all still remember).

Next was "Free yourself".
The program began with a very sophisticated performance, complicated arrangement and technical set of links.
The performance was accompanied by classical music and it probably showed all "geometry".
Man (!) double. The public had different ideas!
But it was nice, original and peculiar.

Vanessa Mae is a performance which, as they say, didn’t work.
Still nobody can answer why.

DOUBLE (f/m)
It was hard to select the right music for the performance. Everybody sang…listened to and sang again…
The participants still can’t understand how they chose partners… But everything was great, interesting and original.
This performance was on the tour program organized to the jubilee of "RADUGA" dancing company (Borovichi).
The dancing company receiving "TRANS ART" was experienced in every sense, it traveled all over the world and has producers being leading specialists of the Institute of Culture after N.K.Krupskaya (St Petersburg).
And they did admire "Trans art" thanks to "DOUBLE".

ARMSTRONG is a performance which quickly passed into repertoire of the preparatory group. I know for sure, “turns” and "plie" were trained on it.

SOLO is one of the few solo performances in the company’s repertoire. It’s very hard to estimate it and I won’t do it.

"DOTS (…)"
"Manner of life" performance - beginning, performance - start. It opened the program.

Oakenfold. 6 men and 1 woman.
The performance is full of supports and technically complicated; it belongs to "the second grade".
Many people tried to find out its meaning; maybe someone did it but… doesn’t say.

WHITE is a performance only for a female part of the company.
Amazingly beautiful and light. We had a peaceful time working on it. Everything spun and moved, shifted and stood still. We liked to dance it very much. It’s the best performance of the company; it’s Festival, great light, atmosphere and result.

The participants of the ACADEMY OF FREE DANCE were called to this program.
It’s the part where a lot of participants work in the front rows and only 2 couples behind, on the background.

It was the performance trying a new style. The staff tried this style several times, but every time something happened: injury of one participant or another. Unfortunately, nobody saw their work behind the scenes, their attempts to introduce the new style. But the dance company didn’t give up.

"And tango too".
The program is based on tango.
It includes female, male, common…
Imagine, first only girls, a lot of red, passion and emotions.
Sharp looks, provocative poses, the play of hands and bodies…

Next – men: restraint, confidence, strength and supremacy.

There are 18 persons on the stage, and passion in everything and everybody.
Emotion and challenge. Challenge to oneself, to her, to them…
It’s impressive. Everybody was able to reveal himself. The performance beginning shows a man, his attitude to a woman, then it returns to him and, believe me, returns a hundredfold…

It’s a start, a new age of "TRANS ART".
Many people including the participants think that what was before and after PERCUSSION goes that way.
7, 5 minutes of nonstop work, notorious instant "JOY" in the dance – it was a test for participants. But we succeeded. How many times I heard before the concerts: "Will you show PERCUSSION?"
Only its participants know all the truth about music recording and things done over and over in the performance! Maybe sometime they’ll say about it.
EXACTLY they will.

Exactly pressed, by the curtain, of course.
Peculiar idea (though maybe it’s not peculiar at all) is in using "back" dancer as a leading and with full rights participant of the performance. It’s cool. But guess YOURSELF, who, how and why pressed!

Perhaps, we should say about great number of performances in club format, e.g. SATRIANY, MUSIC, GO FOR IT, RECOGNIZE ME…

Behind all this are people, participants and dancers.
It would be impossible to do without them. FOR THEM WAS ONLY WISH TO MOVE FORWARD, WISH TO BE THE BEST...

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